Immune Enhancement Formula to Improve Your Overall Health Condition!

 is a formula which contains 250mg of Ganoderma Lucidum, commonly known as Lingzhi or Reishi mushroom. This health boost supplements are in tablet form which retains the complete nutrition of Lingzhi mushroom, at the same time provides a convenient way of Lingzhi consumption. Each tablet of BIO-LINGZHI contains various bio-active compounds which can help to boost the overall health of the body. Regular intake can help the body to achieve optimal level of health.



Anti Aging

LINGZHI has anti-oxidation, can eliminate free radicals in the body, protect cells, enhance cell life, increase metabolism, and enhance physical fitness. Therefore, LINGZHI has the effect of anti-aging, and long-term use can pro-longer life.

✔️ Improve Immune System
LINGZHI has two functions for immune function, which can improve cellular immunity and humoral immunity. Ganoderma lucidum also has anti-allergic effects because of its role in regulating the immune system.

✔️ Liver Protection and Detoxification
LINGZHI has the function of protecting liver and detoxifying, can improve liver metabolism, improve liver regeneration ability, protect liver and reduce liver damage. It can improve the physiological functions of the pancreas andalso help to improve metabolism of the digestive system.

✔️ Treating Respiratory Diseases
LINGZHI has antispasmodic and antiasthmatic effects on removing muscle and phlegm, and is helpful for asthma and chronic bronchitis.

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