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Key to UNLOCK the GOLDEN DOOR of Beauty! 100% Japan Import

✔️ Promote skin whitening
✔️ Repair skin tissues
✔️ Reduce and shrink big pores
✔️ Restore skin youthful glow
✔️ Provide collagen and skin’s moisture
✔️ Reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines


Uniqueness of M-COLL Collagen Candy, Formulated in Japan for Asians

✔️ Formulated in Japan for Asians

✔️ Made of natural ingredients

✔️ Contains hydrolyzed marine collagen with smallest molecular structure (1,000 daltons) which enables deep penetration into the dermis and increases the digestion and total absorption

✔️ Coupled with antioxidant ingredients rich in Vitamin A, C and E

✔️ Using the most advanced production technology, collagen extracted from deep sea fish have been found to be free from any heavy metals, pesticides and microbiological contaminants, ensuring the highest degree of safety and purity

Marine collagen candy was an ingredient Wellous sought actively

to involve itself in due to its many highly beneficial advantages compared to other forms of collagen. It was through extensive research and stringent testing that Wellous came up with M-COLL Collagen Candy.

What separates M-COLL from other collagen products in the market today is that it was produced to be of a lower molecular weight, namely just 1,000 daltons, while most other supplements of the same kind contain 3,000-300,000 daltons. M-COLL has a high absorption rate while others are of the low type.

M-COLL was made preloaded with all-natural fruit ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and also consist of glutathione that comes from natural sources like grape, orange and strawberry. Besides, wheat flakes naturally contain hyaluronic acid which keeps collagen synthesis up.

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